14kW Generator in installed in Co. Cork

Storm Ophelia back in 2017 was the final straw for one business owner. Frequent and unplanned power cuts made it difficult for her to work from her home office. She realized that she needed to do something urgently in order for her business to survive after a particularly long spell of no electricity in the aftermath of Storm Ophelia. 

After evaluating the alternatives, she decided that the 14kW Briggs & Stratton gas powered generator was the right fit for her specific requirements. Along with the generator, an automatic transfer switch was installed which allows the generator to start automatically once a loss in power is sensed. 

Meg McCarthy, Director of Pharma QA Services Ltd is delighted to have made the decision to install the generator at her home office. "Even if I suffer no more power outages due to a mains power issue, the peace of mind in knowing that I will be able to continue to work and live as normal is invaluable". 

If you would like to learn more about the Briggs & Stratton gas powered generators, simply email sales@doylesw.ie or phone 056 444 1988. 

Meg and Generator jpg